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Why choose ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coating from Southwest Luxury Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface on the interior or exterior of your home. Coating the surfaces of your home protects against scratches, hard water and mineral deposits, food stains, dirt, and bacteria.

About us

Where inspiration meets opportunity

Our story begins when our family moved into our new luxury dream home. My wife began the diligent research to find the best products available to care for and maintain the various stones and tiles throughout our kitchen and bathrooms. Sadly, it turned out that nearly any product which would do the job would also likely damage the surface!

This led us to an innovative approach - prevent things from getting dirty in the first place! I was familiar with automotive ceramic coatings, so why not apply the same principles to the home? We began working with Element119 to develop the absolute best formulations and process to deliver superior protection for your home.

Superior Protection

Our products provide a permanent, flexible, scratch resistant coating of 9h (or harder) ceramic for life-long protection.

Easy Clean

The hydrophobic, non-stick surface prevents staining from spills, grease, food, wine, crayons, sharpies, spray paint...etc. No special cleaners necessary, in most cases just use warm water.


Our products are a perfectly clear layer that bonds to the surface of the application area creating a richer, deeper appearance that will look like new for a lifetime.


Here are answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

  • Where can a ceramic coating be applied?

    Our ceramic coatings can be applied to nearly every surface in your home. They are ideal for countertops (granite, quartz, marble, corian, etc), appliances, stovetops, tubs and showers, mirror glass, backsplashes and more. If you have an application idea, ask us!

  • Will a ceramic application change the appearance of the surface?

    Ceramic coatings are a perfectly clear, hyper-hard coating that is just a few nano-meters thick. They will not remove any existing defects or scratches, however they may minimize the appearance and prevent further damage. You may notice that colors appear richer and more vibrant, and natural shine is enhanced. See our gallery for examples or ask to see some material samples.

  • No! You can get rid of all of the exotic chemical cleaners. In most cases we recommend warm water and a towel for clean up. Cleaners that are pH neutral are ideal, however the coatings are chemical-resistant and non-reactive.

  • This list is almost too numerous to count. Ceramic coatings provide a hyper-hard nonstick surface that is easy to clean. Coatings resists damage from stains, hard water, chemical cleaners, scratches and chips. A ceramic coating is a perfect way to protect the investment of luxury surfaces in your home.

  • We ask that in preparation for your application, you thouroughly clean all surfaces. Do not apply waxes, shine enhancers or other coatings such as gel gloss prior to installation.
    Upon arrival, your technician will prepare the surface, removing any cleaner residues or coatings with our surface prep formula. After the surface has been meticulously cleaned and prepared, the technician will inspect the surface with you for any existing damage or defects.
    The technician will apply 3 layers of ceramic coating with a minimal bonding-cure time between layers. Our coatings are all applied by hand for the most even and consistent results.
    Our coatings will be touch dry in about 30 minutes, however a final cure will take 24 hours. Please refrain from use, or exposure to moisture or cleaners during this cure time.

  • Ceramic coatings from Southwest Luxury Coatings come with a lifetime warranty!


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